​​Hot and Geeky’s Evolution is Getting Fast Tracked!

The Hot and Geeky Project has always been about building a strong and interactive community.

With our Series One Cosplay drop completed, we’ve received valuable feedback and suggestions from our most passionate and active community members about wanting to add more gamification in the near future.

Taking this on board we have given our Verified Top collectors the power to decide the next milestone in our roadmap. Previously we were going to continue on with the cosplay art and release a swimwear lingerie cosplay edition, however with the power now in the hands of our members we will be evolving this milestone into something even more detailed, immersive and fun.

This brings us to introduce the new and improved direction and a new September milestone incorporating more gameplay and crafting.

The Birth of Our Chibi Mascots

Before introducing the new evolved roadmap and direction, we wanted to acknowledge that we will honor all staking values in series one and still have the staking platform in place for the December rollout. We will also be creating uses for our series one drop to crossover into the future drops so make sure you hodl your series one cards to use with Super Blends, with announcements for super blends to be made in our Discord.

With that said we are thrilled to be announcing the introduction of Chibi Mascots that will allow you to craft your own Chibi Characters and create Chibi Avatars you can upgrade.

Your Chibi creations will hold staking power dependent on the rarity of the items you craft together. We will release the new staking power numbers later this month.

Not only will you be able to craft your avatars through blending but you will be able to craft your own armor and weapons. To make things even more fun you can craft your own Chibi Spirit Creature to assist you in attacking, defending and boost your staking power.

Chibi Battles are Coming!

What better way to build our modest but awesome community than letting you beat the heck out of each other’s Chibi’s!

  1. Craft your ideal Chibi Avatar
  2. Build your Armor and Weapons
  3. Let your Chibi fight for eternal glory in PVE or PVP

The Chibi drop is coming at the end of September with an official date coming soon.

Updated Roadmap Dates

Chibi Staking in December

Chibi battles will likely arrive in early 2022.

Stay involved and avoid missing out on Whitelists and updates in our Discord.

We look forward to seeing your chibi creations soon!

The worlds first Cosplay NFT Trading Card Project is here!